Hold and Secure & Lockdown Procedures

School and /or district staff may implement a Lockdown, or a Hold and Secure for a variety of reasons. It is important to understand that our teachers and staff are trained in these procedures to ensure that our students and schools are safe and secure at all times. Our procedures are based upon provincial and law enforcement standards.


Lockdowns occur when there is imminent danger within the school or immediately outside the school. Once a school is placed in lockdown, all staff and students will remain in a locked location until the situation is resolved. During a Lockdown students are not permitted to leave the school and parents or guardians are not allowed to pick students up for any reason.

Hold and Secure:

Hold and Secure may occur if there is an emergency in our school or community which is not an immediate threat. In this situation, all doors to the school are locked and regular classroom operations continue. During a Hold and Secure students are not permitted to leave the school and parents or guardians are not allowed to pick students up for any reason.

Key points of a Lockdown/Hold and Secure:
  • Do not call the school, text or call cellphones.

In a Lockdown situation, silence is important. Phones cannot and will not be answered. Ringing or vibrating phones may alert an intruder to the whereabouts of students or staff. Our staff are working to support our students through this procedure and need to stay where they are and follow the process to ensure the safety of all.

  • Do not come to the school.

Roadways need to be kept clear for emergency vehicles. Vehicles can slow police and other emergency responders from getting to and securing the area as quickly as possible. People around the school could potentially become targets, or be confused by first responders as suspects.

  • Rely only on information that comes directly from the RCMP, the school or school district.

Incorrect information can often circulate during an event and can cause unnecessary stress and concern or, in extreme cases, compromise the safety of staff, students and responders. Some situations may also require that information be withheld until the situation is resolved. The school or district will send out information when it is safe and warranted.

For more information regarding a specific school’s Lockdown policy please contact that school directly.

We encourage you to discuss school safety with your child and to address any questions or concerns they may have.