Looking to book a facility for an event? Anglophone East School District utilizes an online facility rental application called eventHQ to manage and administer facility rental requests. Simply follow the Quick Step Guide to place your request for a facility rental. Rental requests must be submitted two weeks prior to the event.

Please review the following prior to placing your request:

If you require additional assistance, please contact the Rentals Team:
(506) 856-3611

For emergencies, please contact the after-hours rentals phone:
(506) 229-7422


  • All community use is cancelled on holidays, storm days and any other days when there is no school for students. School closures are posted on the webpage asdeast.nbed.ca and the snow line 506-856-7669.
  • Non-authorized or non-scheduled events resulting in security issues/alarm call-outs will be charged a fine of $250.00 to the user.
  • All Anglophone East Schools and properties are tobacco and nut free.
  • The contact person associated with each group (provided by each municipality where applicable) is responsible in the areas of supervision and security. This contact/supervisor/coach must be the first person to arrive and the last person to leave a school. Participants will not be granted entry to the building until this contact person arrives.
  • The door will be open at start time, then locked for the remainder of the event. A volunteer for each group must be assigned to monitor hallways as well as the entrance door for late arrivals. Doors will not be propped open.
  • Only those who are participating in the activity and their family are permitted admittance into the approved area of the school. Some events, however, may have audiences for which these same regulations apply. Movement is restricted to the primary rental area and may include use of the school change rooms, washrooms and fountain in the immediate area. People found in other areas of the facility will be asked to leave. Unruly, unsupervised, disrespectful, or inappropriate behaviour is unacceptable and those involved will be asked to vacate the premises.
  • All outer footwear must be left by the main doors in each school. Only appropriate, clean footwear is permitted in the gym/hallways.
  • No food or drink is permitted in the gym or auditorium. Enforcement of this rule is the responsibility of the coach/supervisor in charge. Water bottles containing water only used by participants are permitted during games and are the responsibility of the coach/supervisor.
  • The raising/lowering of basketball nets is the responsibility of the coach/supervisor; youth are not permitted to perform this task. At the end of the event, the coach/supervisor must raise nets to the 19 foot height.
  • Only non-expendable equipment such as nets and standards are available to rental groups. Use of school sporting equipment is not permitted. Please provide your own balls, racquets, etc. Arrangements for use of school clocks, sound systems, AV equipment, etc. must be made at least one week in advance.
  • All external electrical or mechanical equipment or appliances brought in by any user group is prohibited. This includes crock pots, hot dog and popcorn machines, slushy machines, etc.
  • Groups using school facilities in the Anglophone East School District who do not show up for their scheduled contracted time without advising the District within 24 hours of event will be charged the facility fee for the particular area, plus custodial charges where applicable.
  • Any organization or individual granted use of school property failing to abide by the terms of the rental contract, especially those conditions having to do with supervision, care and responsibility for property and equipment, shall be denied further use of the property until the District is satisfied that future use of the facilities will not be abused. The District reserves the right to terminate or cancel the use of its facilities at any time.
  • In the event of a fire alarm, vacate the building immediately.
  • Any emergency, damage, vandalism or absent Rental Custodian is to be reported to the District cell # 506-377-3974.