Welcome to New Brunswick Public School in the Anglophone East School District (ASD-E). We look forward to meeting you and your child / children.

Randy MacLEAN – ASD-E Superintendent/CEO

—   Welcome Message  —

Who should make an appointment to re​​gister at the International Welcome Centre?

► Kindergarten to Grade 12 students born in Canada who DO NOT speak English as their primary language at home.

► Kindergarten to Grade 12 students born outside Canada, regardless of language spoken at home and citizenship.

► Former students, who meet any of the criteria listed above, who were withdrawn from ASDE and have returned. We need to verify their status, again, to ensure the student is eligible for a provincially funded education in New Brunswick.

Certain required documents are needed to determine eligibility and ensure the school has the information needed to maximize the health and security of the student(s). Policy 114 identifies those students who are entitled to receive free school privileges in the public school system in the province of New Brunswick, and identifies those students who are required to pay a tuition fee.

Students must be physically in the province to pre-register online and begin the registration process.

Registration for Newcomer Students

There are three steps to the registration appointment:
Step 1:

Complete the online pre-registration for all students in your household BEFORE making an appointment. Students must be physically in the province of New Brunswick to book a registration appointment.

Step 2:

Book an in-person registration appointment after completing the online pre-registration.

Step 3:

Prepare the required registration documents on the  checklist  and bring them to the appointment. Parent(s)/guardian(s) and student(s) must attend this appointment.

Checklist of original documents required for registration (click here for PDF)

Bring to your family’s registration appointment the following as well as Parent(s) / Guardian(s) and student(s) must attend this appointment. 

* Any missing documents may delay the registration process

1. Student’s Original Birth Certificate (Shows parent names with certified translation to English if needed)

2. Proof of legal status in Canada (student and parent/legal guardian) (Please bring the original)

    For new immigrant /worker / student / refugee / diplomat, provide:

        o Permanent Residence Card(s) and passport(s) or

        o Landing Paper and passport(s) or

        o Work Permit and passport(s)–with parent(s)’ employment letter or

        o Study Permit and passport(s)–with parent(s)’ program admission letter or

        o Refugee Claimant Paper or

        o Diplomatic Card and passport(s)

    For Canadian(s), please bring: passport / citizenship card / birth certificate.

3. Proof of address and local phone number

    • Purchase agreement if you have just bought a new home  OR

    • Formal rental or lease agreement / recent power, cable or telephone bill

4. Proof of immunization (records since birth with certified translation to English if needed)

5. Proof of Medicare or medical insurance (for the duration of studies)

6. Previous School Record (with certified translation in English if needed)

    • K to 8 – Report cards for the most recent academic year

    • High School – All report cards/transcripts from grade 9

7. Any other relevant documentation like a court order involving guardianship, divorce, separation, Parental Consent to Travel or a custodial agreement (form can be found at

https://www.canada.ca/content/dam/ircc/migration/ircc/english/pdf/pub/custodianparent.pdf ) , etc.

*PLEASE NOTE: Once you have completed the student registration, IWC staff will process the file for your catchment school. Please be advised that for a student with Special Needs, the registration may take longer to process with pertinent documentation to implement appropriate supports.

Scented products can cause allergic reactions and respiratory distress.
Staff and visitors should refrain from wearing or using any scented products while visiting the International Welcome Centre.
​Contact and Location:

Hillcrest School
60 Parlee Drive
Entry A (Off of St. George Blvd.)
Moncton, NB, E1E 3B3

Telephone: (506) 856-2216
Email: iwcmoncton@nbed.nb.ca

​Registration Hours:

Registration hours are from 9:00am until noon – Monday through Friday *by appointment only.

Note: a parent or legal guardian must accompany the student when registering.

The International Welcome Center (IWC) is located in Hillcrest School. The entrance for the International Welcome Centre (IWC) is accessible off the parking lot beside Hillcrest School. The entry for the parking lot is off St. George Blvd. (between the school and the gas station, directly across from Sky Zone Trampoline Park). The doors, located on the parking lot side of the school, will be locked. Please press the buzzer to be let you in for your scheduled appointment.


If your primary language is not English and you speak another language than English at home, assessors at the International Welcome Centre will assess your child’s level of English. This information will be sent to the new school. The results will not be used to place your child in a grade level. The results will be used to decide whether additional support will be given to your child if needed. EAL support is provided at elementary, middle and high school.

​English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Students in elementary and middle school who are learning English as an Additional Language will receive support through EAL programming as needed. Literacy support is established following intake assessments.

High school students requiring English language support are placed in an EAL class. Newcomer Canadian students, Visiting International Students and Rotary International Students are able to receive this support as dictated by the results of their intake language assessments.

When determining programming for students; language ability, placement at grade level age appropriately and prior schooling are all considered. Students of all cultures, languages, abilities and religions are welcome and respected in all Anglophone East District Schools.