Program Vision

The school to work transition program is designed to take students that do not fit the average school environment and place them in a combined educational and work environment to allow them to find success and leave high school with the necessary academic courses, work readiness skills, and on-the-job experience.

Students in the school to work program will complete their training with an Adult High School Diploma or a High School Diploma, depending on their cumulative credits or other special circumstances. It is an alternative educational approach that combines academic work with hands-on job training.

Academic and Work Divisions

The academic division of the program consists of the following subjects that have been modified to fit into booklet form: English 113, English 123, Math 113, History 113, Biology 113, Entrepreneurship 110, Physical Geography 110, Canadian Geography 120, Individual and Family Living 120, Child Studies 120

The work division of the program is basically packaged into segments of 100 hour work terms per credit (minimum of 200 hours) and each 100 hour credit is represented by an elective that is related to the field of work performed by the student as decided by the Beaverbrook Alternate Education Center.

Current school to work transition programs available

  • The Cooperative Education Program is offered to grade 12 students in Anglophone East School District. This program offers students an opportunity to spend time with an employer participating in the type of career the student is hoping to pursue. Students earn graduation credits for their participation in this program.
  • Work Experience Education is an opportunity for students to gain work experience with the aid of a Job Trainer. This program offers valuable work experience, strengthens employment skills, develops an understanding of employer expectations, and further develops students’ self-confidence and self-esteem.